MILLE BABY is reliable, handmade knitwear for your loved ones, for the first two years of their life. It was founded by a mother living in nothern part of Masuria in Poland.

She built a brand focused on quality, comfort and great design. Each garment is handmade locally with a blend of care and tradition.

Today beautiful clothes bring joy to proud, new parents and years later they will make for an irreplaceable, family heirloom.

Who We Are

Martyna Galla, the founder, is a Polish photographer best known for her effortless fashion and lifestyle editorials.

Mille Baby was created from her experience as a visual artist, mother and woman living in the countryside and skills she found in knitting women here.  It’s a balance between her personal life and career. Her favourite part of having Mille is photographing little ones in cute babyknits we create.

100% Natural

Mille Baby products are handmade from 100% cotton and merino wool with top certificates – which are prefect fabrics for newborns.

Most of our garments are made of organic cotton, which is considered to be soft and long lasting fabric. Our blankets are hand-knitted from cotton with Oeko-Tex® certification, which guarantees safety for even the most sensitive skin. Of course we use merino wool and its antibacterial, soft and thermo-active features all year long.



Each item in the shop was designed and made in Poland with attentiveness to detail, in carefully selected colour scheme and timeless cut.

All of the items are hand-knitted, which means they grow slightly with the child. This also means there is possibility of slight differences between pieces.


We use only natural fibers and best for babies yarns with certificates. It makes them special and they need some special care to make they life longer. 

Best for handmade pieces are careful handwash with gentle detergents in cold water - it always elongates life of your garment and can make them passing through generations. If you prefer more practical lifestyle with babies you can machine wash in delicate cycle up to 40C. 

Always remember to lay them down on the towel to dry - so they won't loose their shape.

For wool and wool blend please always use cold water. For merino wool you don't have to wash often - this fiber is antibacterial and spot clean in general is fine.

Always wash with similar colours. Some of our garments are dyed naturally and some colour fade may occur.



Each item is carefully wrapped in eco-conscious carton.

We also provide an option to pack your purchase as a gift, to do so pick a gift box in shop section and add it to your cart. 

Special orders

There is an option to order an item of clothing or a blanket in a different colour or/and size than the ones we already have in our shop. The waiting time is usually around 4 weeks.


If you are interested in placing a special order, please simply email us: