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22 october 2017

Incredibly soft, antiallergic, thermoactive and durable.
Delicate in contact with your baby's skin.

Generally handmade knitwear hand wash in cold water.

Use the same temperature for washing and rinsing.
Do not soak and do not rub.

Our wool is a superwash type,
so it is acceptable to use a washing machine.
Turn on a wool cycle with temperature up to 40°C / 104°F.
Put in with other things in a similar color.
Remember that the empty drum can cause deformation and wool pilling.
Turn off the spin.

Wool does not like soap powders nor softeners.
It is best to use a delicate wool detergent with lanolin.
After washing, squeeze in a cotton towel, do not twist.
Reshape and leave flat to dry.
Do not tumble dry.
Avoid direct sun and heaters.
Do not iron.

This wool is antibacterial and does not absorb odors,
So you do not have to wash it often.
For larger dirt, try spot cleaning.

Merino wool is very elastic.
It can stretch after washing,
however, after some time returns to its original size.

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